No Backbacks (Single compartment 12x12 drawstring bags only)
No Duffle bags
No Coolers
No Outside food or beverages of any kind
No Unauthorized goods for vending, sale, or distribution
No Glass of any kind
No E-Cigarettes, Vapes, or any other E-smoking Device (unless they are disposable)
No Open Disposable E-Cigarettes
No Open cigarette packages
No Laser lights or pointers
No Professional camera or video equipment
No Cameras over 35 mm
No Beverages of ANY kind (cans, bottles, glass or thermoses)
No Weapons of Any Kind or Any Item That Could Be perceived as a Weapon
No Tripods
No Tents or Camping Equipment
No Balloons or Balls
No Fireworks or Sparklers
No Mace or Pepper Spray
No Grills
No Umbrellas
No Over-the-counter Medications
No Illegal Drugs
No Items That Can Be Used to Smuggle Contraband
No Wagons or Wheeled Carts
No Ladders, Scaffolding, or Other Raised Devices
No Totems That Could Potentially Smuggle In Contraband

If you have further questions please email