We are now less than two weeks away from the fifth annual Moonrise Festival and we couldn’t be more
excited to bring you another incredible event! We are proud to present our biggest lineup yet and we
continue to improve on our event design and management.

This year we renewed our focus on you, our amazing patrons, to make sure your experience is the best it
can possibly be.

We heard you loud and clear that you wanted more and better run water refill stations, and that will be
addressed this year. Our water stations will be better managed with sectioned lines and increased staff so
that you can refill your waters quickly and get back to the music.

Being able to get information about the event and communicating with our team is very important, and
this year we have added two new elements do help you do just that. We will have touch screen kiosks
throughout the venue to give you the event information you need! They will have an interactive festival
map, lineup times, vendor information and more, all at the touch of a screen.

Also new for 2018 we are initiating our Patron Response Center. This will be a team of people working
throughout the entire event to respond to your needs in real time! We will monitor
our inbox, all festival Facebook pages, as well as our IG and Twitter
accounts, and you can reach out directly to us to report any issues you are having with the event or any
situation that you think needs our attention. This team will also be responsible for making sure any official
announcement we might need to make reaches you quickly and clearly.

At Moonrise Festival we are always looking to enhance your experience with cool new features and new

One amazing feature is our partnership with the AppR8 app. By pointing your cell phone camera at one of
the trigger graphics with the app open, you’ll watch that graphic come to life on your screen! Download
the AppR8 app before the event, and watch for the list of graphics on site for you to find! The videos will
be triggered by graphics around the event and also on select Moonrise merchandise.

On the production side, Moonrise 2018 will outshine all previous years. Our team has been at work for
almost a year to fulfill a vision of stage design that is sure to amaze you, and form the backdrop to create
memories that will last a lifetime.

As we watch the evolution of the event year after year, we continue to make improvements to the overall
layout of the site. This year will be no different. If you are a Mooncrew veteran, you will see small changes
to the setup from previous years that will give you easier access to the stages, the concessions, and
other event services. If you are a first timer, we hope we you will enjoy the effort we put in to making
Moonrise the best it can possibly be.



To view the set times for either day of Moonrise Festival CLICK HERE

We are working on the final site map. Once its’s done we will post the link, so keep an eye out for it very soon.

Download the Moonrise app to your phone, it goes live with the 2018 updates on August 6th!

Don’t forget we have convenient box office hours before the on Thursday August 9th and Friday August 10th, as well as both event days. For the full box office hours CLICK HERE 

You can sign up for a convenient payment plan all the way up until Friday August 10th!  That means you can come to Moonrise and continue to make payment after the event. To apply for a payment plan, change the Payment Method from Credit Card to Affirm when checking out on the Eventbrite website, and they will let you know if you qualify. Click any purchase button on this page to buy tickets!

The party doesn’t stop when Moonrise ends! We have partnered with several Baltimore area venues to
host pre-parties on Friday and afterparties all weekend long! For more info, join our #Mooncrew group on
Facebook or follow us on IG @moonrisefest to get the latest info and party announcements.

Lastly, we’ve made getting to Moonrise Festival easier with our downtown Baltimore shuttle to the event
and daily shuttles from DC! Take a bus and leave the driving to someone else. For shuttle information
and to book your ticket visit HERE

We think you will see a noticeable difference in our level of commitment to making sure Moonrise
continues to be one of the top festivals in the US. We can’t wait to see you at Moonrise Festival!