Once again its time for Moonrise Festival, and we are so excited for everyone to see what we have been hard at work planning over the last year. With all the excitement brewing around Moonrise Festival, it’s easy to lose focus on the most important thing forattending large events like this one – SAFETY.

While we work extremely hard with all our partners and Baltimore City officials to create a fun, safe environment for everyone to enjoy, truly, that success depends on everyone attending making smart decisions for themselves. With temperatures in the 90’s and high humidity, it’s extremely important you and your friends drink plenty of fluids. There will be free water stations at the event and we do allow empty camelbacks and empty water containers. If you or your friends feel you have heat exhaustion or dehydration, immediately tell one of our Star Team volunteers, security personnel, or please visit one of our medical tents to cool off and rehydrate.

Some of the areas around the Pimlico Racecourse venue are not as safe as others. We ask everyone be vigilant and aware of where you walk. Please use Lyft, the downtown shuttles, or call a cab when necessary.. Visit our travel page for information on finding a pick up point or where to go: http://moonrisefestival.com/travel.html. If you become lost around the perimeter of the venue, ask any security personnel, parking staff or police officer for assistance. They will be located in the parking lots and on streets around the venue.

Our biggest goal is to provide a fun environment for all to enjoy and then return home safely from. REMEMBER! Hydrate, look out for your friends and the people around you, make smart decisions for yourself and help your friends make smart decisions, too, so we see you back for Moonrise Festival 2017. Thank you so much for attending and we hope to see you again soon.


The Moonrise Festival Team