What are the on site box office hours?

o Thursday August 9th:       4 PM - 8 PM 

Friday August 10th:          4 PM - 8 PM

Saturday August 11th:     9 AM - 10:15 PM

Sunday August 12th:        9 AM - 10:00 PM

Is parking sold out?

o  No, but parking passes are available for purchase on site only.

Can I upgrade my single day GA ticket to VIP? It's not on EventBrite.

o Yes. You may do so at the gates!

How do I register my wristband?

o Every wristband must be activated to an individual person prior to the event. After doing this, your wristband belongs to you and only you. To register your wristband, CLICK HERE

What do I do if my wristband is damaged in any way?

o DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. Bring the wristband to the Will Call Box Office at the event, and we will take the damaged band and issue a new one.

What do I do if I already put my wristband on and can’t get it off?

o Wristbands are waterproof and weatherproof. They will not be damaged by a shower or bath. If you don’t mind the inconvenience, just leave it on until the event. If you cut the wristband or otherwise damage it trying to get it off, you will be required to get a new one. Replacement cost if you damage your own wristband is $10.

What if I lost my wristband or it has failed to arrive?

o Eventbrite cannot re-ship wristbands. If you do not receive your wristband or if it is lost or stolent you must deactivate the wristband by logging into your Eventbrite account. At that time that wristband is void and cannot be used under any circumstances. You would then pick up your new wristband at the Will Call Box Office at the event. You will need to have proper ID and it must match the name under which the order was placed. If you do not deactivate the band and it somehow gets scanned into the event, you will have to pay full price for a new ticket. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Is there a payment plan for Moonrise tickets so I don’t have to pay for it all at once?

o Yes! New for 2018, we’ve partnered with our ticketing company to allow you to make payments on your Moonrise Festival tickets instead of having to pay for them in full at the time of purchase. CLICK HERE for more info

How does payment work?

o We are not a cashless event and people need to bring credit cards/ atms - they are on site.

How Often do Shuttles Run?

o  They are running constantly. First shuttle starts running 1 hour before doors. The last one does not stop until everyone has been returned to drop off location.

Do you need an ID?

o  If you are planning on consuming alcohol, you must have your 21+ ID.

Can you upgrade to VIP at Will Call?

o  Yes you can upgrade to VIP.

Where can I purchase VIP parking passes?

o  Will be available late February/early March

Can you pay for parking the day of the event?

o  Yes, parking will be available for purchase at the site.

Do you allow overnight parking in your parking lots?

o  No

Can you bring in a Go Pro?

o   We do allow Go Pro cameras.

When will the line up be released?

o   We release our line up over several announcements in the mid-late Spring

When will set times be released?

o   Set Times for this event are released closer to the event

Will Moonrise Festival have water refill stations?

o   This year we are bringing in more water stations than ever before, so our guests can fill water bottles in a matter of seconds.

Will camelbacks be allowed into the festival?

o   Yes, but they must be 100% empty, and they will be inspected upon entry.

Will totems be allowed at Moonrise Festival?

o   Yes, but poles must be plastic or PVC.

Will Moonrise Festival have re-entry?

o   No. Once you leave you may not re-enter the event.

How old do you need to be to come to Moonrise Festival?

o   There is no age restriction for this festival.

If you have further questions please email