No shoulder strap backpacks of any kind
No bags that aren’t listed in the “What’s Allowed” Section
No opaque shoulder strap backpacks that are not also hydration packs
No professional cameras or gear
No detachable lenses
No tripods
No stools
No selfie-sticks
No detachable flashes
No vapes with juice already in the tank
No Juul already opened
No refillable smoking devices of any kind with fluid already in them
No Coolers
No Outside food of any kind
No Beverages of ANY kind (cans, bottles, glass or thermoses)
No Unauthorized goods for vending, sale, or distribution
No Glass of any kind
No Open cigarette packages
No Laser lights or pointers
No Weapons of Any Kind or Any Item That Could Be perceived as a Weapon
No Tents or Camping Equipment
No Balloons, Balls, or inflatable
No Fireworks or Sparklers
No Mace or Pepper Spray
No Grills
No Umbrellas
No Over-the-counter Medications
No Illegal Drugs
No Items That Can Be Used to Smuggle Contraband
No Wagons or Wheeled Carts
No Walkie Talkies or other two-way communication devices
No Ladders, Scaffolding, or Other Raised Devices
No Totems That Could Potentially Smuggle in Contraband


Single compartment drawstring bags no larger than 12” x 12”
Single strap/single compartment purses/pouches up to 12” x 12”
Any bag that is completely transparent
Fanny Packs up to 12” x 12”
Hydration packs of any size, but they may only have two auxiliary compartments and must arrive EMPTY (Fill inside the venue)
Small handheld and digital cameras
Disposable E-cigs in sealed packaging
Vape Batteries
Empty vape tanks with no juice at all
Juuls without a pod
New sealed vape juice
New sealed Juul pods
Sunscreen of any kind
Empty refillable clear plastic bottles (refill inside)
Personal misting fans (must be empty)
Portable phone chargers
Tampons (individually wrapped)
Feminine products
Cigarettes in sealed packs
Disposable lighters


Maximum height: 10’
Maximum width of decorations: 3’
No metal of any kind anywhere in the totem
Pole must be lightweight material (foam, PVC, etc…)
No stuffed animals
No large inflatables, must be 3’ x 3’ or smaller
All totems subject to inspection
Anything deemed unsafe will be denied entry


Medications must be in the labeled prescription bottle
You may only bring enough for the daily dose each day
The name on the bottle must match your ID
Pills will be ID’ed by number by security, no unmarked pills allowed

If you have further questions please email info@moonrisefestival.com.