In addition to the festival ticket, we have other items available to make your Moonrise experience the best it can be. Any item below can be purchased at the same time you are selecting your entry ticket, so make sure to get them while they last!


Moonrise will be operating a shuttle system from locations around the Baltimore area. For this year, we are requiring patrons to reserve a shuttle ticket for a specific time to be taken to the event and from a specific pickup location. It will NOT be a continuous shuttle service. Your ticket will guarantee you a spot at the time and location you selected ONLY. It will also guarantee you a spot on a return shuttle, which will start running at 10:30 PM on both nights of the event. Shuttle tickets are currently being sold as a weekend shuttle, meaning one ticket will allow you to ride shuttle to the event on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as being shuttled back to the shuttle stop at the end of the event each day.



Carrying your stuff around for up to 12 hours can be a hassle, but we have the solution! We have secure and spacious lockers that are available for pre-purchase. Upon arrival, you simply go to the locker station with your locker ticket, and you will get handed the key to your very own storage space. Leave whatever you need in your own safe space, and come back to it as many times as you want throughout the day! Lockers are currently being sold as a weekend locker, good for BOTH days of the event with the same key. We are not selling single-day lockers at this time.



Parking for Moonrise Festival can be pre-purchased to ensure you can park in the closest lots to the various entrances, and to guarantee a parking space. We are currently selling tickets for Lot 1 by the South Entrance and Lot 4 which is the most convenient entrance for our VIP patrons.  Event parking can be a frustrating experience, but you can eliminate all of that by purchasing your guaranteed parking space in advance! All parking passes being sold at this time are good for BOTH days of the event. We are not selling single-day parking passes at this time.



We are currently negotiating with hotels around the Baltimore to ensure the best possible stay for the lowest price. Please check back regularly and follow us on social media for when the info will be posted.